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Meghan O'Dea is a twentysomething blogger who lives in Chattanooga, TN. What's going on in Chattanooga? you might ask. Well, a LOT -- as with many smaller cities in America these days, stuff is happening there. We talk to Meghan about this, as well as what it's like being young and working in tech in 2014. Meghan, in addition to her work for Nooga.com, has written for XO Jane, Open Review Quarterly, and others. You can find her on Twitter at @emmieodea.

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Danielle Paige is the author of DOROTHY MUST DIE!, one of the hottest YA books of the year. There are also two prequel novellas, one of which comes out later this year. Danielle ALSO wrote forThe Guiding Light, and how cool is that?! She talks about both these careers and more on the new WHAT ARE YOU READING?

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This week! Leesa Cross-Smith and I talk about her new short story collection, Every Kiss A War. (<-GREAT TRAILER HERE, BTW!) We also talk about Steve Nicks, her impressive high school reading, and Louisville's stellar '90s funk-metal scene.

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Susan Rich has a new book of poetry out, called CLOUD PHARMACY. Great title, right? We talk about her work, as well as her career in humanitarian work (Peace Corps, Amnesty International, etc.), and then I ask some hopefully-not-too-dumb questions about poetry. We had fun! 

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This week, novelist/editor/professor Mary Anne Mohanraj joins Matt for a discussion of sci-fi, world literature, and the extensive planning involved in writing erotic choose-your-own-adventure books. Is this all as good as it sounds? Better! Enjoy!

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Joe Randazzo is here! He's the creative director for AdultSwim.com, and the former editor of The Onion, where, in addition to day-to-day funniness, Joe oversaw two book publications: Our Dumb World and Our Front Pages. He's at work on a book of his own now, a nonfiction book about comedy called Funny On Purpose, featuring interviews and insights from Judd Apatow, Joan Rivers, and many more. That'll be out later in 2014. In the meantime, find Joe on Twitter.

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Dr. Rachael Woldoff is a sociologist and associate professor at West Virginia University. Want to hear us talk about the effects of sports stadiums on cities? Check. The complicated lives of urban neighborhoods? Check. The pleasures and pains of reading New York Times wedding announcements aloud? Check!


Go get Rachael's book, White Flight/Black Flight: The Dynamics of Racial Change in an American Neighborhood, and read this great interview with her here. And as always, you can find past episodes of WAYR on iTunes, Stitcher, your favorite podcast app, or at http://whatareyoureading.libsyn.com

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Hey! Super-cool one this week. Author/Cartoonist/Screenwriter/Do-er Ariel Schrag talks about her work as a comics memoirist, about alllll the inappropriate reading she did at an early age (a WAYR hallmark), and about her new novel ADAM, which is about a straight cisgender teenager who allows a lesbian he's interested in to believe he's a transgender guy. If you want to read a sample chapter, check it out here. But first: listen to my fun chat with Ariel!

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Novelist Eric Raymond is back! The author of Confessions From A Dark Wood has a new novella appearing in installments on Medium. (Find it HERE.) The book is set in the early '80s world of text-based computer adventure games, so we talk a bit about the days when people read games on their computers. There's also more heroin-talk than you'd expect. Enjoy!

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Did you watch David Letterman on television anytime between 1980 and 2004? Then you saw the work of Gerard Mulligan, who served in the capacities of writer, producer, head writer, and occasional on-air talent through that almost quarter-century of comedy. Prior to his television career, Gerard was a college English professor, as well as a poet.

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