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Yay! Our pal Alice Bradley joins Matt to talk about the YA novel she's writing, the wild west that is the YA genre in general, and also what's wrong with everything everywhere. But don't worry: We solve the problems!

ALSO and IMPORTANT: friend-of-the-podcast Karen Kilgariff (episode #22) has a NEW ALBUM out now! It's called LIVE AT THE BOOTLEG, and you have to get it. Seriously, it's amazingly funny and smart and even poignant, which is something I don't know has ever been said about a comedy album with songs, but that's the magic of what Karen does. Go buy it here, please! 

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Great talk this week with Nicole Hardy, author of CONFESSIONS OF A LATTER-DAY VIRGIN (Hyperion), her new memoir about being a single woman who happens to be Mormon (and then ex-Mormon). There are a lot of complications in that one identity! It's a great book, and I hope you will buy it. Also, Nicole wants you to know that DELICACY is by David Foenkinos, and you can find it here.

This episode's a little longer than usual because I have a plea/request/prayer for you. I've been booking the show myself, and I love the guests I have. It DOES seem to make a difference, though, when YOU GUYS tell someone they should check out the show. So if you have a creative type (author/actor/comedian/director/producer/artist/dancer/etc.) of a certain status whom you would like to hear on the show, please tweet at them, and include me in the tweet. That way I can contact them with more info.

Also, remember that things are easier for others to find on iTunes when they have a lot of reviews. If you haven't left one, would you please? Finally, the AV Club, which I've been reading since it began, is the main place on the Internet for podcast reviews. Please feel free to (nicely) harass them into giving us a listen. Their Twitter spot is: @TheAVClub.

Thank you for this. We both like this show, and I would love to grow it into something even better. Please enjoy Nicole Hardy!

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Kelly Sue DeConnick writes a BUNCH of different comic books. Your best bet for more info is to go here to her excellent Tumblr and start looking around. But first, please listen to this podcast, in which she takes us through the new Fosse biography before suggesting looking at comics via her own Lamp Test. What's the Lamp Test, you ask? Go in and find out!

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Actor/writer/producer/voiceover artist Hal Lublin joins us. He's known as a bit of a chameleon, voicing many wildly different characters on the terrific Thrilling Adventure Hour, but here he appears as himself, talking to us about books, comics, and Dungeons & Dragons. Just the way we like it!

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Comedian/actor Abbi Crutchfield (@curlycomedy) joins us for a chat about growing up in Indianapolis, loving Sherlock Holmes, and how books became her entree into the world of FRAUD. Also: Matt will be guest co-hosting the Book Riot podcast this weekend. Look for it at your local podcast store!

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Now HERE's a treat! Comedian Rob Delaney (aka The Funniest Person on Twitter) joins Matt for a funny, thoughtful discussion of the books that helped turn him into such a weirdo. You can find Rob's fantastic new book, as well as his hourlong standup special, here

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Musician Ben Wise, formerly of The Mighty Regis and always an excellent solo artist, joins us this week for a chat about rock bios and reading Camus in French. Get Ben's album Beside the Dial here. Next week: Rob Delaney!

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This week we talk with Lisa Cohen, founder of Witstream.com, which you probably know as an aggregator of the funniest tweets on Twitter, aka, all the good stuff separated from all the boring stuff. (Full disclosure: I'm a Witstream Aristrocrat, which means I've been featured on there a fair amount, and also I get to wear a fez at the annual meeting.) 

Lisa's had a fun career in media, and we talk about that, along with her lifelong hatred for fiction. (Not really.) Enjoy!

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DC Pierson is a comedian, actor, and writer with two novels under his belt and probably, I don't know, six or seven others he's just stringing out so we won't think he's too ambitious. He's also made a movie, the excellent Mystery Team, with his comedy troupe DERRICK COMEDY. You can find him on Twitter at @DCPierson, and you should buy his two books, The Boy Who Couldn't Sleep and Never Had To and Crap Kingdom. Oh, and then there's THIS.

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This week: Jordan D. White, editor at Marvel Comics. He also sings and plays ukelele, and he has a giant podcast! You can find all these things at http://www.wax-work.com/

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